Big Ust-Ilimsk integrated investment project

Improvement projects
September 2021 5
Project start
End of implementation
$1.2 billion
Volume of investments

Project scope

Woodyard, Evaporation Plant, Caustic Plant, Lime kiln, KLB machine, SW and HW cooking, Recovery boiler and Bark boilers, Warehouse.

Project goals

  • Increase kraftliner and other packaging materials output by 600kt by 2021
  • Increase EBITDA 
  • Gain leadership in the growing packaging materials market in China
  • Ensure monetization of all available species

Delivery of the Big Ust-Ilimsk project will help us reinforce our presence in the packaging segment, primarily in the growing Asian markets.
Upon completion of the project in Ust-Ilimsk and upgrade of the Bratsk Mill, Ilim will become one of the largest manufacturers of unbleached packaging materials globally with a total board output of 1.5 million tons per year, bringing an aggregate production output of Ilim Group to over 4.3 million tons per year.