Neutral sulfite semi-chemical pulp plant

Improvement projects
Construction 8
Project start
End of implementation
USD 63 million
Volume of investments

About the project

This project is an important step in the development of the Koryazhma Mill's core operations and infrastructure. The new NSSC plant has increased the availability of high-quality pulp for the containerboard production and improved the chip yield as compared to conventional pulp production methods. The new plant also increased production of high-quality board.

The plant is equipped with the latest technology by Metso Paper Sundsvall AB and is fully automated by Honeywell, Austria.

  • Timeline: 2008–2009
  • Total investments: USD 63 million
  • Target capacity: 900 tons per day


The NSSC plant uses the best available technology with 15–20% lower air emissions as compared to the previous technology. The plant emits no air pollutants other than pure steam.


The new NSSC plant has increased the Mill's output, reduced costs, and improved fluting quality. Board production increased by 40,000 tons per year; hardwood pulp usage grew from 43% to 60%, and bark waste usage grew by 10%.

Benefits to employees

The NSSC plant operators and maintenance staff previously worked at old Pandia equipment. They all received advanced training to operate the new fully automated facility.

Working conditions dramatically improved after the installation of modern equipment.



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