Ilim Group’s forest branches in the Irkutsk oblast complete their annual reforestation projects

23.11.2010   •   Harvesting

Ilim Group’s forest Branches in the Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk Districts have reported on the results of their reforestation efforts. More than RUR 43 million were expended by Ilim Group in 2010 for reforestation.

This year, RUR 21 million was earmarked for reforestation in Ust-Ilimsk. Seeding and planting activities as part of the artificial regeneration program covered an area of approximately 1,500 ha. An area of about 1,200 was laid down with seeds, seedlings of Siberian pine were planted over 294 ha.

Moreover, Branch experts have tended previous plantations over an area of 1,426 ha. To promote natural reforestation processes, young growth in the harvesting areas was also tended and 9,737 ha of soils were mineralized to improve seed germination.

Over RUR 22 million was allocated for reforestation efforts in Bratsk. About 1,102 ha were the site of seeding and planting efforts under the artificial regeneration program. Of this area, almost 843 ha were seeded, and pine seedlings were planted on the remaining 259 ha.

In addition, experts of the Forest Management Department tended the previous years’ plantations. Total area covered by forest tending efforts amounted to 1,040 ha. Young growth left behind in the logging sites was tended and soils were mineralized to ensure better germination over 5,369.22 ha.

Undergrowth thinning was performed over 690 ha of forests and cost RUR 4 million.

Currently both Branches are preparing soils for reforestation projects of 2011. Total area of these soils in the Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk Districts is 2,120 and 1,034 ha respectively.