Project Progress

20.03.2012   •   Big Bratsk

Ilim Group top managers led by the Company's CEO spent the whole day on April 20 during their regular working trip to Siberia reviewing Big Bratsk progress .

MontazhSpetsStroy Company is completing installation of the new liquor evaporation station supplied by Metso.  Installation of equipment and piping is 98% complete.  Work to deliver as-built documentation and prepare for piping hydraulic testing is underway.  Rebuild of the existing concentrator foundations and bleached line pumping equipment is in process, the concentrators are being rebuilt while the newly installed Metso superconcentrators operate in their place.  Process piping and mill utilities of the evaporation area are being installed.

Pumping stations are  being installed at the evaporation station and superconcentrators site.

At present, OOO MontazhSpetsStroy is transferring external sewage network followed by installation of tank foundations and demineralized water supply unit.  The automation project for demineralized water supply and storage unit is expected to be delivered.

At present, most of heating surfaces have already been installed in accordance with the design, except for surfaces underneath the furnace, heating surface joints are being welded, with exhausts already installed in the RB area.   Work is being performed by Energoskad experts.  Installation of collecting and discharge electrodes for both precipitators is completed, electrode alignment and striker mechanisms installation are underway.  Precipitator 1 roof is at pre-assembly stage.  ZAO SibRMSU experts are working on site.