State expert review of Ilim Group’s Bratsk investment project completed

18.03.2011   •   Big Bratsk

Ilim Group obtained consent from the Main State Expert Review Board to upgrade its Bratsk Mill. The project envisions the construction of a new cutting edge pulp cooking, washing and bleaching line, installation of a pulp dryer, new recovery and bark boilers, addition of a new woodyard and implementation of a number of other infrastructure-related projects. Annual capacity of the new fiberline will amount to 720,000 tons of bleached softwood market pulp.

The MSERB consent means that all process, technical and environmental solutions that are going to be used to implement the project fully comply with the Russian law.

The project approved by Ilim Group’s Board of Directors in April 2010 provides for complete modernization of the production facility with the best available technologies. After the project is completed, total pulp output in Bratsk will exceed 1 million tons. This will turn the Bratsk Mill into one of the world’s largest and most advanced softwood pulp manufacturers. The Mill’s products will be primarily targeted at the Chinese market.