Ilim Group is Preparing for a Start-Up of the New Equipment Which Will Significantly Reduce NCG Volumes in Bratsk

21.02.2013   •   Big Bratsk

Ilim Group is preparing for a start-up of the new system for NCG collection and incineration at the Bratsk Mill site, where a USD 800 million Big Bratsk project is being implemented. The system aimed to collect and incinerate non-condensible gases is planned to be put in operation in the first decade of March 2013.

The start-up of the equipment will bring a significant improvement in odor control which will be appreciated by Bratsk residents.

The NCG situation will improve further after the start-up of the new fiberline in late March 2013 and shutdown of the old fiberline.

As Paul Herbert, CEO of Ilim Group, has pointed out, Company management are doing their best to complete the upgrade of the Bratsk Mill and put new equipment in operation in accordance with all applicable technical regulations and international standards. "It is in our best interests to improve environmental wellbeing in Bratsk as soon as possible, and therefore the start-up of the new equipment will significantly improve environmental situation in the city. I often go to Bratsk to monitor project implementation progress. Process improvement and efficient operation of our Bratsk Mill is the key to its long-terms development for the sake of the city, region, and all Ilim Group".