Big Bratsk Today

10.03.2013   •   Big Bratsk

The key focus at the Big Bratsk site today is on start-up tests.

The Project has already started up a PPP including RB14, a superconcentrator, a pre-evaporator and a stripping column. The new RB is yet to be ramped up. Process parameters and settings are being tuned.

The stripping column is the environmental part of RB14. It is used for gas treatment and for turpentine and phenol collection. Processes for stripping column NCG collection and incineration have already been tuned and tested.

Chlorine Dioxide Plant equipment is now being commissioned, with idle run tests and document preparation in progress.

A new cross-cutting line started operation in March. Woodroom 3 is now being tested with chips transported to line 1 by trucks. The woodroom is to be ramped up after the Fiberline start-up.

Construction of environmental facilities (sludge dewatering area and local treatment plant) has been completed. Vendors' representatives are expected to arrive to commission and start up the equipment and train operators.­

The Fiberline is nearing completion. The cooking area is ready, with mostly instrumentation and DCS work remaining in the bleaching area. The pulp dryer is almost complete.