On September 07 the VI Baikal International Economic Forum Officially Opened in Irkutsk

07.10.2010   •   Big Bratsk

VI Baikal International Forum (BIF) officially opened on September 7 in Irkutsk. The focus this year are projects aimed to develop Siberian and Far Eastern regions, ensure comfortable urban environment, upgrade technologies and develop innovations. Ilim Group participated in the forum with its Big Bratsk investment project involving installation of a new pulp line at the Bratsk Mill. Mr. Zakhar D. Smushkin, Chairman of Ilim Group's Board of Directors, spoke at the Forum's Plenary Session on forestry investments and ways to enhance the efficiency of forest resources management. He outlined the status of the priority project and the challenges the Company faced with its implementation in the Irkutsk Oblast. Mr. Smushkin also proposed ways to enhance the efficiency of forest resources management, in particular establishment of special-purpose forestry companies on the timberland of major lessees. This effort will boost harvesting volumes without the need in expanding timberland, reduce harvesting costs and improve reforestation performance.